Mobile App Marketing is a very new concept.  So if you are not yet sure why you need an App for your business, here are some key points that we believe you cant look past!

  1. The best way to effectively and inexpensively get brand awareness for your company or project.
  2. With a Mobile App for your business you can send instant messages straight into your customers pockets.
  3. It is more fun for customers to receive and send regular tidbits through applications than the traditional and monotonous Newsletters and brochures.
  4. A mobile app for your business, gives a technology savvy reputation in the minds of the potential and existing customers.
  5. The development of your very own mobile app, gives an impression that you invest in your business so that your customers get a better experience using your products and service offerings.
  6. Data shows that customer feedback is more quick and genuine through mobile applications than the traditional survey methods through emails and questionnaires.
  7. A mobile app for your business will allow you to create a close bond between your customers and your business.  It gives the feel to the customers that the business is with them all the time and they can reach them whenever they wish to.
  8. As per the growing technology trends, “The mobile phone will become the primary means of accessing the Internet worldwide by the year 2020.” So position your business at the forefront and invest in a mobile app now.
  9. Ten years back, most of the businesses were of the opinion that “they don’t require a website”, the current times are just appropriate for mobile applications.
  10. Mobile Apps put more money in your business bank account.  Depending on what your business is – you can cross-sell, up-sell and simply sell your products via a mobile App for your business.
  11. It can be difficult to compete with the big guns on the product and service front, but on the App Store – all are equal.  Create something unique and stand out from the crowd!
  12. The more opportunities you have to interact with your clients and show-off your brand, the better.  A Mobile app for your business, provides you with the most effective means of contact for your customers.
  13. Need PR exposure, smartphone apps are a brilliant opportunity to contact the media and let them know about your company and brand.  It doesn’t matter, whether you are a start up or well established brand – media loves to talk about who is moving with the trends so this is you chance to capitalize on that trend.
  14. Your target market are using smartphones – if your business isn’t represented you are missing out on a huge share of your market.
  15. Mobile Apps for your business are a a great opportunity to advertise your brand to a big wide world at a ridiculously low cost.
  16. Being at the forefront of innovation can be incredibly lucrative.  Ask any big brand which created a web-site before its competitors did.  Don’t be the one who wonders “what just happened?” Make things happen!  The Planet of the Apps will be HUGE and the sooner you embrace change, the more opportunities you will have.
  17. Improve customer loyalty with a Mobile App for your business.  Push out messages about special offers, discounts and events you are holding.
  18. Give your customers the opportunity to check out your brand before they come in to your store.  A mobile app is by far the most effective way to engage in location-based marketing; very useful in presenting a brand, product or service portfolio to consumers external to the traditional retail space.
  19. Mobile Apps give your customers convenience – one touch contact us, GPS directions and you can even allow them to book and inquire directly through the App.
  20. Repeat business is the most profitable business – connect with your customers via a mobile app for your business and watch your sales sky rocket!

If you weren’t convinced before you should be now!  There has never been an easier way to take your business to the next level.  Get a mobile App for your business today!