Push Notifications


In-App Purchases

Share Facebook Page Content
Share your app on Facebook. Share page content of Facebook. Login with a Facebook account.

Youtube Video
Embed YouTube videos in your app and link to YouTube channels.

Twitter Integration
Tweet and respond to tweets from your app.

Monetize Your Apps
You Name It!  All Ad Agencies Are Waiting For You!

App Share
Help your customers spread the word about your app via Facebook or email.

Twitter Integration
Tweet and respond to tweets from your app.

Wheel Navigation
An interactive wheel style menu with 8 slots. Each slot opens a separate page.  Wheel image and click sound can be customized.

The future standard is here.  It’s in my web app.
Web or native — the way you want it.

Native PDF & EPUB Readers with smart navigation and pleasant animation.

Multiple Payment Methods
These are not only opportunities for you to benefit from our service but get paid by your customers as well.

Publish your magazine for Newsstand (iOS 5 and higher).

Your Own eCommerce POS
Ultimate way to make a mobile app for your business in sales.  Target all markets around the world with your products and services.  It doesn’t matter what it is: food, garment, gadgets, etc.

Login page
Reserve access to particular pages for dedicated accounts.

Image Overlays
Take a picture with camera and overlay it with funny images.  Drag, move, zoom, and rotate.  Then post on Facebook or email.

Search Application Content
All application content is indexed.  Searching by keywords will display a list of pages that contain the keyword you are looking for.