“About Beckmicro”

Beckmicro was founded by business owners looking for a new way to market their business.  We were so excited about this new technology when we discovered it that we wanted to share it with other business owners.  At Beckmicro we believe that Mobile Apps offer business owners true marketing value. We believe that mobile app marketing is the most effective form of marketing for businesses because you can laser target your audience.

A mobile app for your business keeps your brand in front of your customers and allows you to communicate with them when they are not even thinking about you! We believe in our product and are very excited about the opportunity that mobile apps give business owners when it comes to marketing their business. Connect with your customers, sell more, and arm your business with this powerful competitive advantage.

At Beckmicro we are business owners working for business owners. We know the challenges of running and marketing a small business first hand and we take the stress out of developing a mobile app for you.

Contact us today for a FREE no-obligation demo mobile app for you business. There’s nothing to loose so click here to get your free mock up!